Concealed Pistol License (CPL)

To apply for a new CPL, you must be an Alpena County resident and you should follow these steps.

Step 1

Complete the mandatory training class and receive a certificate.

Step 2

Obtain a Concealed Pistol License Guide (PDF). You may download the application or pick one up at the Clerk's Office.

Step 3

Bring the completed, unsigned application form, your training class certificate, a valid driver's license, and a $115 application fee to the County Clerk's office. Photos are no longer necessary. If you check the box on the application to be exempt, you must show proof that you are eligible.

Step 4

Once the $115 application fee is paid, take your receipt to the Alpena County Sheriff's Department for fingerprinting and a background check. (Fingerprints are taken Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm. For an appointment, call 989-354-9839.)

To Renew Your Permit

To renew your permit, you can either re-apply in person, online or by mail. When you receive your renewal letter in the mail, it will tell you when your license expires, how long you have to apply, the application requirements, what your new pin number is, along with the fee.

Application and Additional Information

On the application, you must certify that you have completed a minimum of three hours reviewing the required training and that you have spent a minimum of one hour on the firing range during the six months immediately preceding the submission of the CPL renewal application. If your license expired over a year ago, you will need a new training certificate and fingerprinting. Please expect an approximate 30 - 45 day processing time for all permits.

To renew in person, you will submit your application to the County Clerk's Office along with a valid driver's license and a $115 renewal fee in the county in which you reside.

Apply Online

Use the CPL Renewal Pin number located at the bottom of your renewal letter that you received in the mail, to begin the application process. Online applications may be paid by credit card or e-check. Also, notice there is a time frame in the letter in which you are eligible to renew online.

To apply by mail, your renewal letter will tell you where to send your completed application along with your $115 check, which should be made payable to the State of Michigan.


According to the Firearms Laws of Michigan, Section 28.425d, if your CPL application was disqualified or revoked by the Michigan State Police, and you received a notice of statutory disqualification or revocation from the County Clerk's Office, you can appeal it by filing a Claim of Appeal.

The Claim of Appeal Form (PDF) can be filed with the Alpena County Clerk. Present this form along with 3 copies to get the appeal process started. The appeal of the notice of statutory disqualification shall be determined by a review of the record for error.

Michigan Concealed Pistol License Law (PDF)