Military Discharge (DD-214)

To File Your DD-214 with the Clerk's Office

  • Bring your original DD-214 (must state "Honorable Discharge") into our office for filing. The original will be returned to you.
  • There is no charge to file a DD-214.

To Request a Certified Copy of a DD-214

Only the veteran or any of the veteran's heirs are eligible to receive a certified copy of the DD-214. If the veteran is deceased, an heir can obtain a copy by presenting a copy of the death certificate or obituary and proof of relationship; i.e., birth certificate or marriage license.

By Mail

  • Complete the Military Discharge DD-214 Request Form (PDF)
  • Information must be complete and legible. Missing information may cause your request to be delayed or denied.
  • Include a photocopy of your driver's license or State issued ID.
  • Heirs, please include the necessary documentation of the relationship.
  • Include a $10 fee (if applicable).

Mail request to:

Alpena County Clerk
720 W Chisholm Street, Suite 2
Alpena, MI 49707