Address Signs

First Responders
Address number

Safety in Numbers

Imagine yourself as a paramedic being dispatched to the home of a heart attack victim. As your ambulance rushes to the scene with lights and sirens activated, you turn onto the road as directed by the 911 dispatcher. You begin looking for the address only to find that many of the homes do not have address signs. Imagine being the patient waiting for help to arrive. A clearly displayed house number, visible from both directions, is vital when time is the difference between life and death. No one wants to wait for help while emergency responders drive up and down a road attempting to locate the correct address. Having your address clearly displayed on the roadway near your driveway may someday save your life or the life of a loved one.

Take Action

  • Address numbers should be at least 3 inches high and reflective for visibility after dark
  • Addresses should be posted on the road near your driveway
  • Addresses should always be visible from both directions on the road
  • Keep trees and shrubs cut back for clear visibility of your address

Reflective numbers and signs are available in the Alpena County Equalization Department, one sign per address paid for by 911 and First Responder millage funds. If you desire more than one sign for your address (for example, on an easement or private road to have one at the main road and one at the driveway) additional signs may be purchased at the Equalization Department for a fee of $10 per additional sign.