Jury Duty

Call 989-354-9529 after 5 pm the day before the scheduled date to find out if the court is in session.

The Juror's Handbook

Jury trials have been an important part of the American legal system for over two centuries. They are an integral part of the laws which protect the fundamental rights of all citizens. Jury duty is an important and rewarding service, which you are summoned to provide by the court for your county. Through your service, the people of Alpena County participate directly in the administration of justice.

Juror's Responsibilities

  • Jurors must be prompt in arriving at the court. A trial cannot begin
  • unless all jurors are present.
  • Jurors must give their undivided attention to the witnesses,
  • attorneys, and proceedings. Remember that the outcome of the case is very important to those concerned.
  • Jurors must not let radio, T.V., newspaper articles, or other publicity concerning a case affect their decision. A verdict must be based on the evidence presented at the trial.
  • Jurors must not discuss the case with friends, relatives, or trial participants. If you are approached about the case, report the incident to the court bailiff immediately.
  • Jurors must not become involved in independent investigations of the case. When it becomes necessary to inspect a scene the jury will do so as a group under the court's supervision only.
  • Jurors must be impartial and avoid comments or expressions during the trial, which convey feelings about the case.

Jurors will be compensated for their time and mileage at the end of their term. The jury is a critical element in our system of justice. You should be proud of your service as a juror. Your presence is necessary, regardless of whether you are selected to serve on a case. The court and the litigants appreciate your service.

Jury Request for Reasonable Accommodations (PDF)