Alpena County Planning Commission

Citizen at Large

Earl Martin
17354 Beaver Lake Park Road
Lachine, MI 49753
Phone: 989-379-4462

Business and Industry
Juergen Thusat-139 Outer Drive, Alpena
139 Outer Driver 
Alpena, MI 49707
Phone: 989-356-0497

Transportation, Public Works and Safety
Kevin Osbourne
6200 Blackberry Lane
Alpena, MI 49707    
Phone: 989-255-1675

Agriculture, Forestry, and Land Use
Jeff Kowalski
717 S 1st Ave
Alpena, MI  49707
Phone: 517-227-0961

Community and Economic Dev.
Chuck LeFebvre
2682 Long Rapids Road
Alpena, MI  49707
Phone: 989-356-4557

Government – 2023 Commissioner Appointment
Commissioner Bill LaHaie
1315 S First Ave
Alpena, MI  49707
Phone: 989-657-9079

Ex Officio for MSU Extension without Compensation
Mary Dunckel
603 S. Eleventh Ave. 
Alpena, MI 49707
Phone : 989-354-9875

Environment and Natural Resources
Cary Keller
200 Gilchrist Ave
Alpena, MI  49707
Phone: 989-354-7820

Tourism and Recreation
Taylor Herron
4250 Werth Road
Alpena, MI  49707
Phone: 989-884-1950




Arts, Culture and Entertainment
Tammy Thomson
2448 Diamond Drive
Alpena, MI  49707
Phone: 989-884-3769

Public Health and Human Services
Michelle Smith
1090 Cranberry Lane
Ossineke, MI   49766

Education -    (Vacant) School Board Appt.
Statutory Ex Officio Soil Erosion Agent without Compensation
Mike Kieliszewski
720 W. Chisholm Street Suite 3
Alpena, MI 49707
Phone: 989-354-9534 or 989-916-5020

Tammy Thomson – Chair
Juergen Thusat - Vice-Chair
Chuck LeFebvre – Secretary