Bond Agencies / Payments

Bond Information

Bond information for inmates can be found under the "Current Inmates" menu item.

If under the "Bond Type" line is "PR" this indicates the inmate will be released on their own recognizance. If the charge is substance-related, the inmate will be held until they are no longer under the influence.

If under the "Bond Type" line is "NO BOND" this indicates the inmate has not yet received a bond amount from the courts or they have been denied the option to post bond by the courts. Once documentation is received regarding the inmate's bond, their file will be updated and will reflect on the website. Please, do not call for updated bond information as that may hinder the process. Staff receive calls from numerous entities that are a priority regarding inmate court process. Your patience is appreciated. Information is updated as it's received.

If under the "Bond Type" line is "CASH ONLY", the bond amount reflected must be paid in cash.

If under the "Bond Type" line is "10%", the bond amount reflected may be paid in cash or an approved bondsman may be used. For example, if an inmate's "Bond Amount" is $100,000 and under the bond type is "10%", $10,000 cash must be posted for that inmate to bond out or an approved bondsman may post their bond.

If under the "Bond Type" line is "CASH/SURETY" a bondsman may be used to post bond for the inmate.

A person can be bonded out at any time.

Each time an individual is booked into the Alpena County Jail, a $12 booking fee will be applied. A $10 warrant fee will be applied if the arrestee was served if an arrest warrant was processed.

If you choose to post bond with a credit or debit card, there will be a charge of $2.50 or 10%, whichever is greater.

A $2 transaction fee will be administered for cash transactions.

Where to Pay Bonds

Bonds may be posted at the Alpena County Sheriff's Office at any time.

You may also post bond online.

Directions for Use of JailATM

  1. Upper right-hand corner click on Sign In
  2. Enter your email address (whether you already have an account or just signing up)
  3. Fill in personal details page and click save
  4. Create a password
  5. Confirmation will be sent to your email to finish the sign up process
  6. Click on the link in your email and enter your password
  7. Click send money now
  8. Enter Michigan for State
  9. Alpena County Sheriff's Office for facility then type in the inmates last name
  10. Click on the inmate's name when it comes up and enter payment information

Bail Bonds

Pursuant to MCL 750.167b(4), the circuit court annually creates an alphabetical list of bail bond agencies authorized to post bonds in the counties of Alpena and Montmorency. The annual bail bond list is published in January of each year. The most recent approved bail bondsmen list is available below.

To be added to the Alpena and Montmorency County's approved bail bondsmen list, all information required by statute must be submitted to the following address:

Court Administrator
720 W Chisholm Street, Suite 1
Alpena, MI 49707

Please Note: All information must be received by December 29th of this year to be included on the list for the following year. Late submissions will not be included on the bond list.

2023 Approved Bondsman List (PDF)