Support Review

A support review is a review of the monthly child support, childcare, and medical support obligations owed on a case. The Friend of the Court will conduct a review of support under the following conditions:

  1. Upon request of either party. You are entitled to a review of support every three years. If it has been less than three years since your last review, you are required to show a reason why the review should be conducted, based on a change of circumstances. You may be required to file a Motion to Change Support.
  2. Every 3 years when the recipient of the support receives public assistance.
  3. Upon the initiative of the FOC staff when certain criteria are met.

A support review can take up to six months to complete. At the beginning of a review, the Friend of the Court will send you a questionnaire to complete and may request additional documentation, such as copies of your recent paystubs and tax returns. When the Friend of the Court receives this information, a recommendation regarding child support will be sent to both parties. If neither party files an objection to the recommendation, an order will be sent to the Judge for approval. If either party files an objection to the recommendation, the Friend of the Court will schedule a hearing before the Referee to discuss the objections and will provide a recommendation to the parties. You would also have an opportunity to object to the decision of the Referee if you disagreed with the recommendation and to request a de novo hearing with the Judge.