Alpena County Courthouse

The county government operates the jail, maintains rural roads, operates the major local courts, keeps files of deeds and mortgages, maintains vital records, administers public health regulations, and participates with the state in the provision of welfare and other social services.

The county board of commissioners controls the budget but has only limited authority to make laws or ordinances. In Michigan, most local government functions — police and fire; building and zoning, tax assessment, street maintenance, etc. — are the responsibility of individual cities and townships. The County operates three parks (and camp grounds) with beaches on local lakes, namely Beaver Lake Park in Lachine; Long Lake Park in Alpena; and Sunken Lake Park in Posen.

The County Board of Commissioners is the governing board and policy- making body of county government. While many of its powers, duties, and
responsibilities are prescribed by law, the Board is in charge of  development and approval of county policy. One of the main duties of the Board is to set the budget of the county. Commissioners are elected to a two-year term in one of the eight districts in the County.*

The Full Board meetings will be held on the LAST Tuesday of the month at 1:00 p.m. in the County Annex Building in the Howard Male Conference Room. NOTE:Meeting dates are subject to change, please confirm date, time and place with the commissioners office.