Alpena County Courthouse

Alpena County Treasurers Office
720 W. Chisholm St. Suite 3
Alpena, MI 49707
P: 989.354.9534 F: 989.354.9645
Office Hours: Mon – Fri 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Treasurer: Kim Ludlow

The County Treasurer is a Constitutional Officer and must run on a partisan ticket, as must all County Officers. 

The principal duties of the office are: collection of all delinquent property taxes, custodian of all county funds, conducts the public land auction of real estate delinquent two and one half years (2 1/2), receives and disburses state monies to the various units, for example, sales tax, intangible taxes, income taxes, etc., and is a member of the County Tax Allocation Board, County Building Authority and County Plat Board by law.

Some of the other duties of the County Treasurer are: Certification of warranty deeds, handles the complete program of dog licenses, is member of the County election Commission, which also includes the County Clerk and senior judge of Probate, prepares and mails tax delinquent notices in connection with public land auction, issues tax histories and searches as required by lending organizations, individuals, etc., makes distribution of delinquent taxes collected to the political units of each county. The County Treasurer is the county “banker” and all county departments must deposit all revenues with her.

Public Interests

Delinquent Tax
Dog License
Tax Search
Public Land Auction


Tax Certification: $5.00
Tax Histories: $1.25
Tax Histories with Special Assessments: $1.75 
Tax Info per pg: $1.00
Insufficient Fund charge: $25.00

Helpful Links

Bond, Loan and Finance
Department of Michigan Treasury
Paying for College
Reference Library
Unclaimed Property

Dog License Fees

1 year
$21.00 Unsexed
$33.00 Male or Female

3 year
$54.00 Unsexed
$84.00 Male or Female

Kennel Licenses
up to 10 dogs $20.00
10 or more $50.00