Recreation-Plan 2019 to 2023

2019-2023 Recreation Plan

A Joint Recreation Planning Effort by the Communities of: Alpena County Charter Township of Alpena Green Township Ossineke Township Wilson Township.

This Recreation Plan addresses recreational facilities and plans within the boundaries of Alpena County. This is a joint planning process to provide for recreation planning for the County of Alpena as well as the townships of Alpena, Green, Ossineke, and Wilson. These townships chose to jointly plan for the future of their recreation assets. The plan will evaluate the surrounding recreational opportunities as well as the socio-economic status of Alpena County and the surrounding area in order to determine recreational needs of the population and to plan for improvements which fit those needs.

Alpena County is located on the shores of Lake Huron in the northeast section of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula (see Figure 1-1 – Location Map). Covering 568 square miles, the county includes 363,520 acres. It is bordered by Presque Isle County to the north, Montmorency County to the west, Alcona County to the south and Lake Huron to the east. Alpena County is 24 miles long from north to south. East to west, the county varies from 20.8 miles to 30.8 miles, because of the irregular shoreline of Lake Huron. Additionally, there are several offshore islands in Lake Huron that are a part of the county. The following townships are located within the planning area for this document: Alpena, Green, Long Rapids, Maple Ridge, Ossineke, Sanborn, Wellington and Wilson. Also included in the planning area are the City of Alpena, the Census Designated Place of Ossineke, as well as the unincorporated places of Bolton, Cathro, Herron, Hubbard Lake, Lachine, Leer and Long Rapids.

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