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A Conservator is someone appointed by the probate court to make ongoing financial decisions and to manage the estate of a protected individual. The court can appoint a conservator if you are unable to manage your property or financial affairs due to illness or disability and either money is needed for your support and care or your property would be dissipated without proper management.

The conservator becomes trustee of all your property and has broad power to deal with that property. They are obligated to take into consideration your wishes and preferences and must spend funds to meet your needs for support and care. An inventory of your property will be filed with the court and the conservator must file annual reports with the court and other interested persons.

The Public Conservator serves as conservator and/or representative payee for court wards and beneficiaries who are unable to manage their financial affairs. Authority is given by the Probate Court for court wards, the Veterans Administration for disabled veterans, and/or the Social Security Administration for beneficiaries receiving various forms of Social Security and/or SSI benefits.


Helpful Information

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