Planning Commission Members
Tourism and Recreation
Earl Martin
17354 Beaver Lake Park Rd
Lachine, MI 49753 989-356-9770
Business and Industry
Juergen Thusat
Vice Chair
139 Outer Driver
Alpena, MI 49707
Arts, Culture and Entertainment
Tammy Thomson
2448 Diamond Dr
Alpena, MI 49707
Chair 989-884-3769
Environment and Natural Resources
Cary Keller
200 Gilchrist Ave
Alpena, MI 49707 989-354-7820
Community & Economic Development
Chuck LeFebvre
2682 Long Rapids Road
Alpena, MI 49707 989-356-4557
Agriculture, Forestry &Land Use
Fred Wegmeyer
10599 Napper Road
Herron, MI 49744
Public Health and Human Services
Michelle Smith
1090 Cranberry Lane
Ossineke, MI 49766
Transportation, Public Works & Safety
Steve Dean
2076 Partridge Point Rd
Alpena, MI 49707

Ron McDonald
6594 Orchard Hill Road
Alpena, MI 49707 989-379-4848
Citizen at Large
Ann Marie Rich
7311 US 23 S.
Ossineke, MI 49766 989-471-1074

Ex Officio Members Serve without Compensation
Ex Officio for MSU Extension
Mary Dunckel
603 S. Eleventh Ave.
Alpena, MI 49707 989-354-9875

Statutory Ex Officio Members
Drain Commissioner
Gerald Fournier
2464 Diamond Drive
Alpena, MI 49707 989-358-1414


Alpena County Mater Plan 2013
Alpena County Recration Plan 2014-2018
Alpena County Solid Waste Management Plan
Planning Commission Ordinance

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