Alpena County Courthouse

Alpena County Equalization
720 W. Chisholm Street Suite 5
Alpena, MI 49707
P: 989.354-9560 F: 989.354.9647
Office Hours: Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Equalization Director: Ted Somers
Appraiser: Jon Kohart
Legal Secretary: Jeanne Graichen

The Director oversees the operation and manages the staff. One appraiser is responsible for doing appraisals used in the equalization study. This includes everything from initial sales data research to the actual field inspection and interview of the property owner. The Legal Secretary is responsible for examining all deeds for name changes or property splits. They also assist the director when needed. They also handle all the clerical work required in the office. This includes filing, typing of forms, computer data entry and phone calls. The whole staff shares in the task of handling phone inquiries and problem solving for property owners and real estate agencies.

The Equalization Department has other duties, aside from equalization, related to the assessment function. These include maintaining current names and addresses of property owners in Alpena County, performing property splits on the assessment roll as deeds come through, maintaining tax maps and printing tax bills, assessment rolls and assessment change notices for the eight townships and one city in Alpena County. Other duties are helping property owners and real estate sales people with questions concerning property lines and property values, and assisting the local township assessors with laws and procedures in the assessment function.

If you are looking for GIS assessment rolls, county maps, summer/ winter taxes, please call 989.354.9560

State law requires that each year the County Board of Commissioners shall meet in April to determine the equalized value of the County. The Equalization Department was formed to assist the County Board with this task. Each year random samples of appraisals are compared with the actual assessments of those properties. State law requires that all property be assessed at 50% of market value. If the equalization department’s study shows a certain class of property to be assessed below 49% of market value or above 50% of market value, a factor will be applied to the assessments to bring the total value of the class to 50% of market value.

Publications & Forms

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(PRE) Principle Residence/Qualified Agricultural/Qualified Forest Forms
Property Transfers Personal Property

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