720 W. Chisholm Street Suite 2
Alpena, MI 49707-2453
P: 989.354.9520 P:989.354.9522 F: 989.354.9644
Alpena County Clerk: Bonnie Friedrichs 

Voting Information

The County Clerk is responsible for preparing and proofreading the ballots for elections held in Alpena County. She is available on election nights to receive and tally the unofficial totals and then filing with the State certified election results after the Board of Canvassers have certified the election. The County Clerk directs recall and recount activities in the county and is responsible for precinct election workers training. Nomination petitions and campaign finance materials can be obtained from the Clerk’s office for citizens who wish to run for public office. The filing of petitions and campaign finance reports are filed in compliance with state. Election laws information is available on the State website michigan.gov/sos

Election Results

Election Results

Polling Places in Alpena County

City of Alpena
Anna Soik, City Clerk – 989-354-1720
Precinct 1 Thunder Bay Rec. Center, 701 Woodward Ave.
Precinct 3 St. Anne’s Parish; 817 Sable St.
Precinct 4 First United Methodist Church, 167 s. Ripley Blvd.
Precinct 5 First United Methodist Church, 167 s. Ripley Blvd.
Precinct 6 St. Anne’s Parish; 817 Sable St.

Alpena Township
Michelle P. Palevich, Township Clerk – 989-356-0297
Precinct 1 Alpena Township Civic Bldg., 4385 US 23 North
Precinct 2 Word of Life Baptist Church, 1900 Bagley St.
Precinct 3 Word of Life Baptist Church, 1900 Bagley St.
Precinct 4 AMA-ESD Bldg, 2118 US 23 S.
Precinct 5 AMA-ESD Bldg, 2118 US 23 S.

Green Township 
Melony Sumerix, Township Clerk – 989 379-2398 
Green Township Hall, M-32 West (near M 65 South)

Long Rapids Township 
Mary S. Thomson, Township Clerk – 989 657-2095
Long Rapids Emergency Facility, 5310 M 65 North

Maple Ridge Township 
Judy Hall, Township Clerk – 989 356-0791 ex: 2
Maple Ridge Township Hall, 6000 W. LaComb Rd.
(near Dietz Intersection)

Ossineke Township 
Jo’lee S. Dorie, Township Clerk – 989 255-8313
Ossineke Township Hall, 9041 Nicholson Hill Rd.
(near Wolf Creek Intersection)

Sanborn Township 
John C. Rechsteiner, Township Clerk – 989 471-1050
Sanborn Township Hall, 12025 US 23 S. (corner of Nicholson Hill Rd.)

Wellington Township 
Pamela Madsen, Township Clerk – 989 464-6960
Wellington Township Hall, 15616 Long Rapids Rd. (corner of Collins Rd.)

Wilson Township 
Pamela Walker, 989 727-3981
Wilson Township Fire Station, 3746 King Settlement Rd. (Smith Rd Intersection)

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