Alpena County Courthouse

The County Board of Commissioners is the governing board and policy- making body of county government. While many of its powers, duties, and responsibilities are prescribed by law, the Board is in charge of development and approval of county policy. One of the main duties of the Board is to set the budget of the county. Commissioners are elected to a two-year term in one of the eight districts in the County.

* The Full Board meetings will be held on the LAST Tuesday of the month at 1:00 p.m. in the County Annex Building in the Howard Male Conference Room. NOTE: Meeting dates are subject to change, please confirm date, time and place with the commissioners office.

Brad Mcroberts

District 1
Precincts 5 & 6
Brad McRoberts (R)
P: 989.255.0208
District 1 serves the City of Alpena from 11th Street to State Street and Chisholm Street over to Tuttle Street. Elected as County Commissioner to start on January 1, 2017 and will serve for two years.

Robert Adrian
Robert Adrian

District 2
Precincts 1
Robert Adrian (D)
P: 989.464.6334
District 2 serves the City of Alpena on the north side of Alpena from Chisholm Street at the hospital to the boat harbor.

District 3
Precinct 3 & 4
Dave Karschnick (R)
P: 989.464.0722
District 3 covers the City of Alpena.
District 3 map

Bill Peterson District 4
Bill Peterson

District 4
Precinct 2 & 3
Bill Peterson (R)

P: 989.916.5351
District 4 serves from Monaghan Point Road to U.S. 23 to Bloom Road and all the way to M-32. Bill Peterson was elected to County Commissioner starting January 1, 2017.

Brenda Fornier District 5
Brenda Fournier

District 5
Precinct 4 & 5
Brenda Fournier (R)
P: 989.358.1414
District 5 Alpena Township serves Precincts 4 and 5 of Alpena Township. Brenda was elected to serve as 5th District County Commissioner for 2017-2018.

Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald

District 6
Precinct 1
Ronald McDonald (R)
P: 989.379.4848
District 6 serves all of Maple Ridge Township, a small portion of Long Rapids Township (east of M-65) and a small portion of Alpena Township.

District 7
Marty Thomson (R)
P: 989.464.6189
District 7 Serves Wilson Township, Green Township, Wellington Township, and the west half of Long Rapids Township (west of M-65) .

District 8
John Kozlowski (R)
P: 989.464.2194
District 8 serves Sanborn and Ossineke Townships. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any thoughts or concerns you may have regarding our County.