Master Plan

Alpena County Master Plan

As a result of increasing growth pressures and related land use problems, a new master plan was deemed essential. A need to document the current situation, the goals and desires of the county and to encourage a more organized and effective growth and development strategy was recognized by the Alpena County Planning Commission. The purpose of the Alpena County Master Plan is to translate community values and goals into a framework for decisions on growth, land use, public facilities and services. It contains a long-range vision of how citizens want their community to look and function in the future and guidelines for achieving those goals. The master plan is a legally recognized framework for making decisions about land use in the county. It is intended to aid a broad range of public and private users, including community groups, builders, developers, township officials and other government agencies.

The Alpena County Master Plan is a broad policy document intended to guide more specific land use decisions in the future. Regulations such as zoning and subdivision controls are legal standards applied uniformly with little discretion. Although the master plan is adopted by resolution and carries legal weight when applied to specific land use decisions, it is not considered law. This means that the plan has a certain degree of flexibility that allows review and adjustment should conditions change over time.

2013 Alpena County Master Plan